• Water in Oil monitor

    • Total Water in Oil Measurement
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Loop Powered 2 -Wire
    • Analog and RS232 full duplex Output
    • Fully CE compliant
    • Intrinsically Safe versions with DGMS and PESO Approvals.
  • Infrared Thermometer Solutions

    • Temperature range from -30 to 3500°C
    • Selection of pyrometers for Steel, Glass, Cement, Forging ,
      Foundry and chemical industries
    • Precision lenses provides high optical Resolution
    • Range of Spectral and Two Colour Pyrometers
    • Pyrometers with through the lens sighting and Pyrometers with Laser Spot lights
    • Wide Range of Mounting accessories suitable for different applications
    • Calibration and After Sales Support available in India
    • 5 years warranty on selected models
  • Process Refractometer

    • Direct Measurement of Total Dissolved Solids.
    • Stainless steel construction
    • High resolution and Accuracy Upto +/- 0.02 Brix
    • Intrinsically Safe versions available.
    • Additional mounting and cleaning devices Available for different applications
  • Speed & Length Gauge

    • Laser Doppler Measurement.
    • Line speed measurement and control.
    • Product length measurement.
    • Control for Cut to Length and inkjet printers.
    • Pulse output, Analogue and Digital Output.
  • Profile Measurement

    • Dimension and profile Measurement of Long products.
    • Dimension, Profile and Straightness Measurement of Pipes and Tubes
    • Slab Profile Measurement
    • Solutions for Dimension and Profile measurement of Gypsum board
      and Particle Boards.
  • Vibration Meter

    • One Touch Button To Power ON & Measurement.
    • True RMS Measurement.
    • 4” LCD Digital Display, Sampling per Second.
    • Holding Function & Back Light.
    • Automatic Power Off.
    • Measures 4 Parameters Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
      and High Frequency Acceleration (Bearing Defect Detection).
  • Online Vibration Monitor

    • Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter
    • Direct Analogue output and Two Independant Relay for Alert and Alarm
    • Buffered Output of Raw signals to connect Vibration analysers.
    • IP65 Enclosure.
  • Flow Measurement

    • Transit Time ultrasonic Propagation technology with Doppler Assist
    • Waterproof System Design
    • Excellent tool for Flow Survey Companies
    • High Signal Strength even in difficult applications
    • Available as a purchase or rental item

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