Contamination Control Breathers for Enclosed Fluid Systems


Operational Features

Benefits of ET Contamination control Breathers.

Secondary wear and tear in a machine happens because of solid contaminants entering in to the Lubrication circuit. These contaminants enter into the system during breathing action. Effectively filtering out such contamination through ET contamination control breather helps avoid expensive secondary Wear Generation.

Moisture In the oil in a dissolved form occurs mainly due to the atmospheric moisture entering in the lubricant circuit while breathing. Processed desiccants ensure 99% effective adsorption of moisture and supply a clean and dry air to the reservoir. This help improvement of the OIL life and the machine life. Installing ET breathers helps you to Maintain the DI ELECTRIC property of the transformer oil.

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Bi-directional Air Flow - Air entering is cleaned and dried. Expelled air partially regenerates the silica gel and "back-flushes" the particulate filter to prolong the life of the breather.

Durable Construction - Earth Tekniks is manufactured from rugged ABS plastic and impact-modified Plexiglas.

Water Vapor Adsorbent - The Silica gel used in Earth Tekniks breathers is chemically inert, non-corrosive, and conforms to all regulated toxicity standards in the U.S. and Other Countries. Microscopic pores allow the Silica gel to adsorb up to 40% of its own weight.

Color indicator - When maximum adsorption is reached, the silica gel turns from gold to dark green to indicate the replacement of the breather is required.

Activated Carbon - As air is expelled from the tank, its passes through activated carbon which remove oil vapors, fumes, and odors

Safety Sealed - Seals keep moisture from entering the units until they are placed in service. they are easily removed without tools or sharp instruments.

Breather truly a protection device to your machine .. Why?

ET contamination control breathers helps to improve the machine life and the Oil life by ensuring a clean dry air during breathing process of a Oil lubricated equipment.

How does it work and why we should replace the existing mesh type filter fitted on the breathing hole...?

The ET contamination control breather has three elements which effectively removes harmful contaminations entering in to the lubricated machine, Hydraulic systems, Transformers and reservoirs.

1. Solid contamination filterion upto 2 microns by FABRIC FIBER FILTERS. 2. Processed desicant removes moisture present in the Air with 99% efficiency. 3. Activated carbons adsorbs Odor and harmful fumes.

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