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Vibration Meter ET908A Is a light weight easy to operate instrument. It is a useful front end tool for maintenance engineers for Indentifying machine health through vibration measurement.

ET 908A is a first step to start your condition monitoring activity effectively.

Vibration overall values are provided in Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration and HFD (High frequency Acceleration) units.

The HFD or High frequency acceleration function is helpful to identify anti friction bearing defects.

A back light display helps during measurement in Dark areas or Inside areas.


  • Vibration Measurement Parameters Velocity, Displacement, Acceleration & High frequency Acceleration.
  • One Touch Button To Power ON & Measurement.
  • Very Easy to Use.
  • 4" LCD Digital Display, Sampling per Second.
  • Back Light Display.
  • Holding Function & Back Light.
  • Automatic Power Off.
  • True RMS Measurement.
  • Suitable for monitoring machinery vibration caused by out-of-balance, misalignment, gear damage, bearing faults and etc.,


  • Amplitude Range:
  • Displacement : 0.1-199.9 m peak-peak
  • Velocity : 0.1-199.9 mm/s true RMS
  • Acceleration : 0.1-199.9 m/s2 peak
  • High Frequency Accel : Bearing Analysis
  • Overall Accuracy : 5% of display 2 digits
  • Temperature Range : 5-50 deg C
  • Frequency Response : 10-1000Hz (Outside accelerometer)
  • Battery : 9V 6F22, 25 hours of continuous operation.
  • Pickup : Accelerometer with hand-held probe and magnetic base
  • Dimensions : 5.5 x 2.6 x 1.0 inch
  • Weight : 220g

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