Vibration monitor Model:ET920

Dual Channel Vibration Transmitter Model ET-920 is a machine surveillance and measurement device which has two independent channel or universal accelerometer input of 100 mv/g. The transmitter shall provide milli amps signal (4-20),alarm and alert signal from relays for respective channel/sensor and dynamic signal from buffered terminal connectors provide in front side of the device.

The casing is made of industrial grade ABS Nylon with accelerometer (2 nos) with necessary industrial cable –BELDON along with SS Sheathing (protection).


  • Number of Channels : Dual channel
  • Type of Display : 4 Digit 1.0” (25 mm) Seven segment RED LED display
  • Size of Display : (dual display each of size 90mm X 32mm)
  • Total size of transmitter : 200 X 120 X 80 mm
  • Material of Construction : ABS Nylon –industrial Casing
  • Protection Class : IP65
  • Power supply : 230 V AC or 24 V DC optional
  • Buffer out : Two Channel Dynamic vibration signal from the accelerometer (100mv/g)


  • Type : Accelerometer top exit type connector with 100 mv/g output
  • Range : 5 Hz to 10,000 Hz
  • Material of construction : SS 316
  • Maximum Temp : Up to 121 degree C
  • Connector : 2 Pin MIL Type


  • Type : accelerometer input with sensitivity of 100mv/g
  • Number of channel : TWO
  • Measuring Parameter : 0-40 mm/s velocity –RMS


  • Current output : Two number 4-20 mill amps output proportional to machine vibrations for dual channel
  • Relay Contact : Four independent relay output, 2 for each channel to indicate the alarm or alert & Trip.
  • Dynamic Output : (Type BNC receptacle) Two connectors are provided which can be used along with field data collector analyser to obtain true dynamic signal to access the machine condition / diagnostic.


  • Cable for Signal transmission from accelerometer to transmitter ET-920
  • Type : Multi-conductor-Single pair Cable
  • Size of the cable : 5 mm (D)
  • Sheathing (protection) : SS Sheathing
  • Distance : Minimum 5 meters
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