Capsule Inspection System

Capsule Inspection System

  • The Online CAPSULE INSPECTION SYSTEM  measures the quality of the capsule manufactured
  •  The system is capable of finding the stains, satellites  and variation in diameter of the capsule
  • Any deviations in quality, the product is rejected using an air suction.


  • THE LABORATORY UNIT helps check a batch’s quality by checking a selected number of samples
  • A special software has been designed for data logging and to determine the performance characteristics(CP,CPK and SD)
  • Off line lab unit system for inspecting capsule
  • Possible measurements

    • Dimension of capsules
    • Sphericity defect
    • Surface defects
    • Damaged capsule
  • Measurement accuracy of 50 microns
  • Compact design and housing
  • Application software for data logging

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