Data Logger ET910


Portable Vibration Meter with Data Logger-ET 910

If you need a reliable device that can measure as well as log the vibration data for analysis, then ET-910 is the right choice. It has a vibration sensor with magnetic adapter on 47.2″(1.2m) cable

A sleek and light-weight device custom made for industrial application, the aluminum exterior adds to its reliability and convenience. It comes with a built-in SD memory card to facilitate manual logging of up to 800 (4X 200) measurement values and transfer the collected data via an easy-to-use PC interface (COM port). 

Measuring Parameters of ET 910

  • Displacement — Stress Indicator
  • Velocity –Fatigue Indicator
  • Acceleration –Force Indicator
  • High Frequency Acceleration –Bearing Analysis

The One Button Power ON/OFF feature enables hassle-free use, and the integrated Alert and Alarm Indication makes the measurement process easier. It has 5 Functional Keys strategically placed to effortlessly handle and operate the device. For easy viewing of the values displayed, the vibration meter features a 2-inch monochrome LCD display with backlight.


  • Sleek & Light weight Instrument with rechargeable battery.
  • Rugged Aluminium Metal exterior, ideal for factory environment.
  • 2 inch Mono chrome LCD display with Back light.
  • One Button Power ON/OFF with 5 Functional keys.
  • Built in Alert and Alarm indication.
  • Measures and stores up to 800 Vibration Values
  • User Friendly PC software for Interface.
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VIBTREND – PC Software for Vibration Data Management

The PC software compatible with ET 910, it allows users to designate the location and name of the equipment to easily identify the data stored. Using the COM port in the ET 910 Vibration Meter, the vibration data collected can be uploaded and downloaded. With the data collected, the users can view Direction, Time, Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement and HFA readings for each machine ID individually, and can create a graphical representation of the report generated. 

With VIBTREND, the allowance limit for Alarm/ Alerts can be programmed (the default value for Alarm/Alerts shall be based on ISO Standards).

Key Benefits of ET 910:

  • Plan downtime and reduce outlays incurred due to sudden deterioration of an equipment
  • Define machine name and location to differentiate the data stored for accurate analysis and prediction 
  • Split Second Alert and Alarm helps in identifying any underlying faults during the measurement
  • Measures all the 4 parameters for ~ 50* Motors.