iPR Compact²

  • Precise, fast and reliable
  • Permanent real-time concentration measurement
  • Compact sensor
  • Galvanic isolated 4 – 20 mA output
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

Compact in-line refractometer

NEW – Now with extended measuring range!

Compact in-line refractometer iPR Compact² with very short response time for continuous measurement and real-time process control with one analogue data output. It’s characterized by minimized dimension and weight and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

The iPR Compact² allows the inline, real-time refractive index, Brix or concentration measurement to monitor and control the concentration of dissolved solids in solution or liquids in process. The compact stainless steel measuring head with YAG Prism is equipped with an integrated electronic for direct connection to supervisory system or PC.

Available in two versions (aluminum and stainless steel) with different process temperature ranges !

Designated market

  • Determination of mixing ratio
  • Quality and concentration control of dissolved solids
  • Interface detection
  • Concentration and pollution of cutting oils and lubricants
  • Concentration and pollution of detergents
  • Control of degreasing and industrial washing machines

Main specification

Measuring range1.3320 – 1.4535 nD
0 – 65 Brix
Resolution0.0001 nD
0.05 Brix
Precision± 0.0002 nD
±0.15 Brix (at 20 °C)


Ambient temperature0 °C – 45 °C
Process temperature (max.)Aluminum: +60 °C
Stainless steel: +80 °C
Process temperature (min.)-10 °C
Process pressure (max.):1 Mpa (145 psi, 10 bar)

Additional information

Wetted partsYAG, stainless steel
optional: PTFE
Protection classIP 69 K tested
TÜV Rheinland
Light source/wavelength589 nm LED
Power supply24 VDC
Interfaces, switches1 insulated 4-20 mA, ( Brix 0 – 50 with ATC)
1 digital output/limit switch serial outputs RS232, RS422 and USB
Prism cleaningOptional: water, steam or ultra sonic cleaning
Ex-proof versionNo