Measure Moisture in CHEMICALS

Accurate Moisture Measurement To Improve Chemical Processing

Maintenance of product consistency for chemical producers requires effective moisture control in the manufacturing process. Large and even small variations in the moisture composition of chemicals will produce poor quality product.

Real-Time Moisture Control

Spotting these variations in real-time provide the manufacturer the ability to spotlight errors in their process and make adjustments to minimize and/or eliminate damage before it is too late. Sensortech Systems is the leading brand in real-time moisture measurement and control with our 17 distinct classifications of IR and RF technologies.

Moisture Control Technology

Sensortech has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for over 30 years. One contributing factor to the chemical industries confidence with Sensortech instruments is our broad array of IR and RF technology applications. Every application of online moisture measurement in chemicals must consider the technology to be used, the specific chemical to be measured and where in the process the measurement will be taken.

APPLICATIONS in the Chemicals Industry

Plastic Pellets
Industrial Organic Chemicals