Measure Moisture in FOOD

Moisture Control For Food Processing

Quality is a key concern for manufacturers in the food processing industry. Consistency is the hallmark of quality and one of the primary factors influencing the quality of food products is the moisture control of the product as it is being manufactured. Maintaining consistency of moisture content provides numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

Continuous Moisture Control Benefits

A few of the tangible benefits include an effective process control system, reduced energy costs, reduced product waste and improved quality control. The intangible benefits, arguably, have an even greater impact. Consumers respect quality and drive demand for quality products. Real-time moisture measurement and control in the food processing manufacturing process produces a quality product and, consequently, drives the demand for your product.

In Food Processing, Manage Moisture With Our Hygenic IP67 Analyzer

Applications in the Food Industry

Dry Dairy Products
Creamery Butter Flour
Grain Mill Products
Dog and Cat Food

Cookies and Crackers
Confectionery and Candy Products
Cane Sugar
Nuts and Seeds
Potato Chips

Corn Chips
Extruded Snacks