Oil Quality Sensors

Complete Inline Oil Quality Sensors

Poseidon Systems’s Trident Oil Quality Sensors are the most advanced online oil quality sensors available. The QW3100/QM3100 are the only oil quality sensors designed to replace the need for periodic oil sampling, as a critical tool of recent advancements within reliability programs. With the Trident QW3100/QM3100, operators are now able to know the current health of their oil, trend and alert reliability events, project RUL, and significantly reduce overall oil consumption as part of a condition-based oil change program. 


This new approach allows operators to truly identify root cause issues and prevent damage to equipment, well before it becomes a reliability problem; true preventative maintenance.

Periodic Oil Sampling vs. Online Oil Quality Sensors

Online oil quality sensors are able to detect and resolve issues much sooner than traditional offline oil lab analysis techniques. As can be seen as the example graph on the right, when issues arise, they will be sensed and operators are alarmed far more quickly, enabling actions that prevent further damage or asset failure.

Trident Oil Quality Sensors

Trident WM800

Water-in-Oil Monitor

Provides Online Water Contamination Monitoring for Lubricant and Fuel Systems

The Trident WM800 sensor is a real-time, in-line water-in-oil sensing technology for monitoring water contamination levels in lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and fuels. Water is one of the biggest threats to a lubrication or fuel system. Water contamination in oil promotes oxidation, microbial growth, corrosion, wear, sludging, and foaming. In fuel, water can lead to microbial growth, poor combustion, and ice formation in supply lines or tanks. Minimize the risk of moisture-related damage through active monitoring with the Trident WM800.

The Trident WM800 uses a capacitive relative humidity sensing element with an integrated temperature sensor. By immersing the sensing probe directly into the fluid stream accurate measurements and fast response time are achieved. The device features a compact, easy-to-install form factor that includes integrated acquisition and processing electronics. Water activity (aw) and temperature are reported through a 2-wire RS485 interface with Modbus RTU protocol or via two 4-20mA analog outputs.

Trident QW3100

Trident QM3100