GMS1100 – Gypsum board dimensional measurement

The GMS1100 is a non-contact gypsum board measuring system  using laser based technology for measuring the full dimensional shape of gypsum board in-line during manufacture. The system measures and displays the thickness profile, taper profile, width and edge profile, wet and dry board lengths. Key control values such as edge angle, taper width & height are all displayed and compared with tolerance limits. Trend graphs of key values, including width, thickness and edge angles, are plotted. All measured data is archived for quality assurance purposes.

Basic Specification

Thickness range Thickness resolution Width range Width resolution
Gypsum boards 6-35mm, typical 0,01mm 500-1.300mm 0,1mm
0.2-1.4” 0.0004” 20-60” 0.004”
Other board types 1-150mm 0,01mm 500-1300mm 0,1mm
0.04-6.0” 0.0004” 20-60” 0.004”

Operating principle
The thickness is measured by a pair of PreciCura optical laser sensors, installed at the transfer table/inverter to give a full thickness cross profile. The width and edge profile is measured with a pair of ProfiCura 2D laser sensors installed before the knife, constantly giving full edge profiles. No moving parts are used. Measurement principle is optical triangulation. Sensors working in pairs makes the measurement accuracy unaffected by board vibrations and movements. The optional length and shrinkage is measured using laser Doppler technology.

System versions

Complete thickness, width and edge profile measurement system

Thickness profile measurement system. This system can also be used for other types of products in transversal conveyors giving full thickness cross profiles

Width and edge profile measurement system. High resolution detection of the gypsum board edge.

System options

  • Additional width measurement station. Installed closer to the mixer for earlier edge profile corrections
  • Shrinkage measurement. Two non-contact Doppler length gauges, after knife and after dryer to give actual board shrinkage

Non-contact measurement
The laser measuring principle means that the product is measured without contact. There is no product compression, no scratches or dirt marks, when measuring the wet board and no wear.

Temperature stabilized mounting frame
To ensure stable and accurate measurement in a factory environment that can vary in temperature LIMAB have developed a unique temperature and mechanically stable mounting frame. This ensures long term stability and eliminates the need for frequent calibration.

Hostile environment protection
To enable reliable measurements in the dusty gypsum environment the GMS11000 is equipped with an integrated forced air protection system. High volume air is provided by a fan/filter unit supplied with the system and means that maintenance is not required frequently. The system computer is installed in a full size floor mounted PC cabinet.

The system provides simple to read real time thickness and edge profile graphs, with warning and out-of-tolerance limits indicated so that the operators instantly can see where problems are developing. Easy to use recipe handling. All important data will be stored for post production analysis. Trend information of important parameters, such as tapers, width and edge angles, can be viewed. Stack control for avoiding of boards tilting. Software compensation of non-flat and vibrating boards improves taper calculations. Network TCP/IP is provided to factory line and for remote diagnostics.

Calibration tools for both thickness, width and edge profiles come with the system, including support software.

In-line quality control
Continuous, consistent, monitoring of product thickness, width and edge profile can reduce scrap and improve plant efficiency. There are no time delays compared to manual inspections and a quick feedback at product changes.

Non-contact measurement
No product marking or deformation. No mechanical wear gives low maintenance costs.

Well proven design
LIMAB has been producing laser sensors for more than 30 years and we offer a 3 year warranty on selected sensors. We also have in-house design and production of all the other system parts such as mechanical frames and system software. The GMS1100 system has been produced for more than 15 years, with about 200 installations around the world. It has constantly over the years been updated and upgraded with new functions according to the demands of the market.

Complete package
With the complete system assembled at LIMAB we provide a complete turn-key solution, where we as the only contractor take full responsibility. The GMS1100 includes all the hardware and software needed for any factory installation. LIMAB provides commissioning, training and on-going product support and service worldwide.

Compatibility and maintenance
We offer upgrades of installed systems, the contents depending on status of the current system and customer requirements. Width and thickness measurement stations can be upgraded separately. Sometimes it’s sufficient only to install a software of the latest version. We keep sensors, both new and sensors for loan during repairs, in stock for mimimizing the problems at services.

Specifications – Thickness
Product thickness range (typically) 6-35 mm
Laser thickness range 200 mm
Resolution 0,01 mm
Thickness measurement accuracy ± 0,1 mm at 2σ
± 0.004” at 2σ
Thickness laser sample rate 2000 (Hz)
Specification – Width
Width range (typically) 595-1250 mm
No of points per profile 265. Full calibrated measuring field used
Width resolution 0,1 mm
Width accuracy ± 0,3 mm at 2σ
± 0.01” at 2σ
Laser line length (vertical axis) 40 mm
Width sample rate Up to 500 Hz
Laser power Thickness: 1 mW
Width: < 25 mW
Laser class Thickness: Laser Class 2 according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
Width: Laser Class 3B according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.
Electrical power requirements 230 VAC, 50Hz or 120VAC, 60 Hz)