Laser sensors

LIMAB has over the last 30 years been developing laser-based sensors for distance and profile measurements in industrial applications. We can now offer several sensor product ranges, which are available for a wide scope of measurement tasks.


The PreciCura is a range of high accuracy, single-point, laser distance sensors. They are available in different versions depending on the required measuring range and temperature of the object to be measured. With the PreciCura sensors, it is possible to design measurement systems for a wide scope of industrial applications:

Width and Position








Position and coil diameter


Loop Height

The RoadRun sensor family is specially designed for road profiling applications. As the PreciCura range, they are based on optical triangulation. They are also of high accuracy and available in many different versions. The RoadRun family is equipped with an Ethernet interface.

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The ProfiCura sensor family consists of a range of high accuracy 2D laser profile sensors, also referred to as light section sensors. Several versions are available with different stand-offs, field-of-views and measuring ranges as well as version for measurements on hot or cold objects.

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ProfiCura Smart
The ProfiCura Smart is a high accuracy 2D laser profile sensor having selectable and integrated measurement modes. By selecting the appropriate mode, the measurement will be communicated directly out from the sensor either by Ethernet or any type of Fieldbus, hence there is no need for an external PC. There is also a possibility to configure two sensors together as master/slave. The ProfiCura Smart can be used for a variety of industrial applications and through the existing modes the following measurement tasks can be performed:

Slab widths, Thickness, Distance between two objects, Object position, Widths, Pre-weld detection, Weld detection, Glue bead detection, Tongue and groove, Diameter, Wane of boards, Volumes of material on the conveyor, Profile in/out tolerance

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