ProfiCura Smart Fit to Circle – Diameter measurements of hot and cold tubes / bars

The LIMAB ProfiCura Smart sensor with the measurement mode “FitToCircle” measures the outer diameter and center position of tubes and bars.

The sensor can be installed in both hot and cold rolling applications. It gives instant feedback to the operators in order to improve product quality and safety, avoiding manual caliper measurements of hot material.

Basic Specification

Shapes Dimension (mm) Dimension (inch) Temperature
Round up to 800 up to 32 0-1200°C / 32-2200°F

Operating Principle
The ProfiCura Smart 2D sensor is based on laser triangulation technology and deliver the radius/diameter value and the center point coordinates of the tube or bar. The ProfiCura Smart 2D sensor will project a laser line on one side of the object and fit a calculated circle to the measured profile.


  • Continuous diameter measurements of hot and cold rolled tubes and bars
  • To replace manual measurement with caliper

The measurement mode Fit to Circle software is implemented in the sensor and sends the diameter/radius signal via Ethernet or different kinds of FieldBuses, such as Profibus and Modbus. The sensor provides real-time numerical values to the customer´s network via a PLC, PC, or via the analog interface.

The ProfiCura 2D Configurator software allows the end-user to implement an out-of-tolerance limit so the operators instantly can monitor the process.

An optional display for a digital numerical presentation of diameter values.

Forced air cooling
The ProfiCura Smart 2D is delivered with an optional cooling box and a forced-air cooling fan that reduces the running costs and keeps the internal temperature of the cooling box stable. In addition, the air is used to keep the optics clean eliminating regular maintenance.

Diameter measurements
Diameter measurements of tubes and bars have traditionally been performed manually with calipers. These measurements are taken in a non-continuous way to check the outer diameter with very often an imprecise and random result.

The ProfiCura Smart Fit to Circle sensor will replace these manual and unsafe caliper measurements and provide a precise and continuous measurement of the material.

The sensor contains different selectable and pre-defined measurement modes.

Compact and easy to install
The installation is price competitive and straight-forward to install.

Improved safety
Eliminates operator manual inspection of hot tubes and bars.

Rugged design
The ProfiCura Smart 2D sensor is designed for the harsh environment in a steel mill. The sensor includes a careful selection of the gauge material and with the possibility to implement an effective air-purging and cooling.

LIMAB produced laser sensors
LIMAB has been developing laser based, optical triangulation sensors for more than 30 years. The ProfiCura 2D is a robust and very accurate sensor, available in several versions depending on the application. It is also stocked at LIMAB for fast spare part delivery.


Shapes Dimension (mm) Dimension (inch) Temperature
Round up to 800 up to 32 0-1.200°C / 32-2,200°F
Type of ProfiCura Smart 2D sensor To be defined depending on material dimensions
Sensor measurement rate From 240 Hz
Cooling air 2.000 m³/h
Cooling air temperature in gauge 10-30°C (50 – 86°F)
Sensor dimensions (HxWxL), from Depending of sensor model and application
Electrical power requirements 24VAC
Laser class Laser Class 3B according to EN 60825-1:2014 and 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.