Refractometer for laboratory and industry

Refractometry is generally speaking the measurement of refractive index and its interpretation under different starting points.

Refractometric measurements can be used for example for purity investigations, sample recognition, dilution control, or composition. It’s also used for the characterization of substances or for the determination of substance data, especially of organic liquids.

Application areas of refractometers

An important area of application is the food-analysis. For example the investigation of oils or fat, sugar, and sugar-containing substances. Also, beer and spirituous beverages belong to the material class, which are investigated by refractometry as well as clinical chemistry. Furthermore, refractometers are used as universal detectors in the investigation of liquids.


  • Modularity
  • Fastest temperature control
  • Flat sample room
  • LED light source
  • Virtually maintenance-free

ATR-P Touch

  • High-performance refractometer
  • Rugged measuring head (IP65)
  • Single or flow-through measurements
  • For permanent use in production laboratories
  • Combination with polarimeter (Purity Analyser)


  • Robust refractometer
  • Very stable measurements
  • For versatile applications
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • High-precision refractometer
  • Automatic dispersion measurement
  • Seven wavelengths fixed
  • Automatic ABBE number measurement
  • Ideal for research and development

DHR 95

  • Perfect refractometer for field analysis
  • Application-specific scales
  • 5-digit, full view LCD screen
  • Results displayed in 2 seconds