Pyrometer CellaCast® PA 81

The CellaCast PA 81 was specially designed to measure the temperature of liquid metal at the runner of a blast furnace or cupola furnace. The sensor head is housed separately from the electronics assembly. Both the sensor head and the fibre optic cable are unsusceptible to electromagnetic radiation. The optical sensor head can withstand ambient temperatures up to 250 °C without cooling. CellaCast PA 81 is ideal for cramped, hard-to-access locations.


  • Temperature range 800 – 2400 °C
  • Maintenance-free, wear-free system for temperature measurement at the melting furnace, holding furnace, cupola furnace and blast furnace
  • ATD function filters out temperatures detected from surfaces free of slag and oxide
  • Dual-wavelength technique provides reliable temperature data despite dust and steam
  • High-resolution optics enable viewing at greater distances
  • Sensor head and fibre optic cable for ambient temperatures up to 250 °C
type Measuring range Lens Focus area Distance ratio
800 – 2400 °C PA 41.01 0.2 m – ∞ 190 : 1
Measurement parameters
Measuring range 800 – 2400 °C
Sensor Si/Si photo diode
Spectral range 0.95 / 1.05 µm
Response time t98 ≤ 20 ms (T > 950 °C)
Measurement uncertainty 1.5 % of temp. reading [°C]
Repeatability 3 K
Temperature coefficient 0.05 %/K
Resolution current output 0.2 K + 0.03 % of selected range
Resolution interface 0.1 K
Resolution display 1 K
Optical variants
Measuring heads PA 41.01 (M30): Focusing 0.2 m – ∞
Electrical parameters
Analog output 0(4) – 20 mA linear, switchable, scalable
Resistance ≤ 500 Ω
Analog input 0 – 10 V
Switching output 2 x Open Collector 24 V DC, ≤ 30 mA
Switching input 2 x to 24 V
Interface USB, RS 485
Power supply 24 V DC +10 % / -20 %
Current consumption ≤ 175 mA bei 24 V DC
Sighting option Laser pilot light
Display 4-digit LED display red, digit-height 8 mm
Status display 2 x LED
Control elements 3 buttons
General parameters
Connection M12 thread 8-pin connection
Ambient temperature Electronic: 0 – 65 °C
Measuring head: 250 °C
Storage temperature -20 – +80 °C
Permissible humidity 95 % r.H. max. (non-condensing)
Dimension Electronic: Ø 65 mm x 187 mm
Measuring head: depending on the type
Housing Stainless steel V2A (1.4305)
Protection class IP 65 acc. to DIN 40050
Weight approx. 0.9 kg
Adjustable parameters
Parameters Measuring range
Measured variable and scale of analog input and output signals
Smoothing filter
Memory operation mode
Hold time of the memory
Compensation of the reflected ambient radiation
Limits and operating mode of the alarm contacts
Parameters of the ATD function
Linearization function
Status display of the LEDs
Simulation of current and temperature
Temperature unit °C/°F
Measurement channel two-colour, single-colour 1 and single-colour 2
Threshold level of the contamination monitoring
Overtemperature signal if the internal temperature exceeds 80 °C the analog output shows a value > 20.5 mA
Service function Simulation of a measured value or a current signal
Scope of delivery
Pyrometer CellaTemp PA
Connection cable VK 02/A (5 m)
Measuring head
USB cable VK 11/D (1.8 m)
Software CellaView
Manual (short)
* The fibre optic cable must be ordered separately.
  • molten metal at the melting furnace