Vibration Meter


Vibration Meter ET908A – For effective condition monitoring of industrial machines

Regular monitoring of a machine’s condition is vital for the early detection of faults to prevent unforeseen failures. A vibration meter is ideal for effectively predicting the maintenance requirements of industrial machinery. 

Vibration Meter ET908A is the perfect aid for maintenance engineers, assisting them in swiftly analyzing the health of a machine. It is light-weight, weighing 220 g, and so carrying it around is quite effortless. Integrated with a 9V 6F22 battery, it can guarantee 25 hours of non-stop operation. 

By analyzing the vibration caused by out-of-balance, misalignment, gear damage, bearing faults, etc., it lets you make a reliable decision on the maintenance. The device is designed to measure and deliver the overall vibration values in: 

  • Velocity
  • Displacement
  • Acceleration
  • High-Frequency Acceleration (HFD)

With just one touch of a button, the vibration meter is set for the measurement; once the measurement is complete, it switches off automatically, improving the battery life for longer performance. The built-in 4-inch LCD digital display with backlight helps a user to clearly view the data (samples per second) with nil strain, even in low-lit areas.


  • Measuring vibration velocity, Displacement, Acceleration & High frequency Acceleration.
  • One Touch Button To Power ON & Measurement.
  • Very Easy to Use.
  • 4″ LCD Digital Display, Sampling per Second.
  • Holding Function & Back Light.
  • Automatic Power Off.
  • True RMS Measurement.
  • Suitable for monitoring machinery vibration caused by out-of-balance, misalignment, gear damage, bearing faults and etc.,


  • Amplitude Range:
    • Displacement: 0.1-1999 µm peak-peak
    • Velocity: 0.1-199.9 mm/s true RMS
    • Acceleration: 0.1-199.9 m/s2 peak
    • High Frequency Accel: Bearing Analysis
  • Overall Accuracy: ±5% of display ±2 digits
  • Temperature Range: 5-50 deg C
  • Frequency Response : 10-1000Hz (Outside accelerometer)
  • Battery: 9V 6F22, 25 hours of continuous operation
  • Pickup: Accelerometer with hand-held probe and magnetic base
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.6 x 1.0 inch
  • Weight: 220g