Vision Inspection System

Vision Inspection System

Industrial vision automating quality control

We ,Earth Tekniks are manufacturers of vision inspection systems, that includes automated, turnkey systems for assembly verification and inspection applications.

We cater a wide range of systems for various industries, that includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive, machine builders, sorting, manufacturing, packaging and all-type of automation and robotic applications. The systems have been developed to meet high speed quality control requirements for 100% inspection.

  • Part verification (Angles, orientation, foreign particles, dimension)
  • Presence/Absence recognition
  • Defect detection on the product
  • Optical character recognition & verification
  • Offline vision testing & measurement
  • Colour Identification
  • Pattern matching
  • Barcode reading and tracking

Our expertise with vision systems and laser sensors is the key to offering a total solution to industries. Typical projects start with an evaluation of the vision parameters, 3D outline of the project and then providing the BOM for project. This prevents any hassle during the project execution.

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