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2004 December was defining moment for a small group of less known people having clear attitude to excel. Those initial days were hard yards for entire team and now it’s a well known company having experienced success and accomplishment in every sphere. It is a transformation rather than a mere change. Because change is reversible and non permanent one.

The company has transformed from a product seller to VAR (value added re seller) to a knowledge based solution provider…..a factual stamp of growth. The experience of which has given a strong message and strength to us, which says,

There would be Nil saturation in market when the thought –process is Dynamic.

Our rising from time of inception is largely driven by the team trust and belief. The recent strides are more pointed towards product, software and infrastructure development.

Comprehensive calibration facility for thermal management products and accessories.

Development of hardware modules for Machine connectivity for process measurement devices like Moisture, Temperature and flow.

Formation of Software division for development with clear direction for insight on knowledge based systems.

In this complex commercial world it is NOT THE BIG EATING THE SMALL…IT IS FAST THE SLOW

Mission statement

It will be a consistent and continuous effort to be always a customer centric organization , where in every customer can find us and served to meet all their process and field parameter measurement /control requirements

In this , We will deliver high value based product and service to our customer delight and ensure complete employee /share holder satisfaction.

Vision Statement

ETPL being a thin structured organization will always be driven by the factor of Opportunities .Hence we always be sourcing and developing new products and market to meet the need and demand . In this process we will be providing opportunities to many .

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